Map of Sierra Bullones, Bohol

Sierra Bullones, Bohol is a third class municipality situated in the interior parts of the Province of Bohol. It is composed of 22 barangays whose major source of income is derived from agriculture.

It is bounded in the north by the Municipality of Dagohoy, east by the Municipality of Pilar, Candijay and Guindulman on the west by the Municipality of Carmen, and south by the Municipalities of Jagna and Garcia-Hernandez.

This town is seventy-one kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran that can be reached by a Public Utility Bus for about two hours traversing the famous Bilar man made forest and passing through Chocolate Hills.
It has a total land area of 19, 886.70 hectares where 15, 627.90 devoted for agriculture, 3, 657.00 hectares watershed and estimated build up area of 583.8 hectares.

Out of 15, 627.90 hectares of agricultural area, 2,105 hectares were developed into Riceland, and 1, 322 hectares were irrigated while 783 hectares were rain fed. The other crops are 511 hectares of cornland, 345 hectares for cassava, 285 hectares for bananas, 269 hectares for coconut, 75 hectares mangoes and 23 hectares for vegetables.

More than 63 % of Agricultural land area are non-productive due to hilly land and above the water source, lack of capital to support production, absentee land owners are hesitant to develop and afraid of land reform.
This Municipality had 4 major rivers that support agricultural activity. The Inabanga River Basin, Loboc Basin, Alejawan River Basin and Choroids River Basin.